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The True Believers Class
The True Believers Class is attended by men and women ranging in age from 45-65 years old. While most of the members attend as couples, there are members who attend without a partner. Some members are retired, and others are still involved in the workforce.
We are involved in discussion-oriented Bible study that emphasizes the application of Scripture to daily living. The class schedules at least six social events each year to extend our fellowship beyond Sunday morning. Without question, the Believers Class is a great place to make Christian friends. The class provides gifts for at least one family each Christmas through the Empty stocking Fund. We also take on special projects as needs arise with members of the class or people not in the class.
The True Believers Class teacher is Ralph Swearngin, who has taught the class for nearly ten years. Ralph serves as the Executive Director of the Georgia High School Association, a state organization which is based here in Thomaston. The association coordinates all kinds of high school activities, especially athletics. The Assistant Teacher is Bob Cochran, who has either been the teacher or the assistant teacher of this class for over 20 years. Bob retired a few years ago as the president of the former Thomaston Savings Bank.
You can find our class by coming into Building A (the main educational building) on Lee Street. Enter either by the doorway on the porch taking the steps down to the basement level (or use the elevator). The class meets in the old Fellowship Hall at the foot of the steps or just beyond the elevator entry room.

The Builders Class
The Builders class is made up of both men and women of varying ages. We have good fellowship in the classroom and also enjoy working together on projects. We are like a family. We invite adults of any age to visit with us and join our class on a regular basis. Everyone is welcome.
The lesson is broadcast live every Sunday morning over WTGA. Regular listeners who are homebound are invited to join our Radio Roll and we remember this group in our prayers and honor them on special occasions throughout the year.
On March 21, 1963, our class organized, and continues to sponsor, the senior adult group of our church. This group is now called the Prime Timers. The class provides funding for this group and class members plan and serve the monthly luncheon.
Johnnie L. Caldwell, Jr., is our current teacher. He has been a Sunday School teacher for over 25 years. His knowledge and understanding of the scriptures makes the lessons interesting and inspiring, helping us to apply the lessons to our daily lives. Johnnie grew up in First Baptist Church. He was baptized in April 1959 and ordained a deacon in 1992. He is currently serving as Judge of the Superior Court.
Our class meets in the church parlor (the bride's room). You can enter it from the church vestibule or the outside entrance on church street. The photograph to the right shows our classroom just to the right of the entrance to the sanctuary vestibule.
You can find our classroom by entering Building B on South Green Street, across from the main parking lot and the new multi-purpose building. Our classroom is on the first floor in the hallway to your left and is the second classroom on the right. Just look for the sign by the door.

  The Welcome Class
The Welcome Class is made up of a diverse group of both married and single men and women. People of any age are welcome. We meet every Sunday morning for coffee, fellowship and Bible study. Our theme is,
“If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sins, and will heal their land.” II Chronicles 7:14
We use team teachers, all of whom are members of the class. On the first Sunday, our teacher is Ann Carol Daniel, a practicing, licensed marriage and family therapist and personal counselor, the mother of three children and the grandmother of three granddaughters. The second Sunday is taught by Dr. Sam Brewton, a retired physician and former mayor of Thomaston. He is the father of three children and four grandchildren. Rev. Steve Laughman, Associational Missionary for the Centennial Baptist Association teaches the class on the third Sunday. He is the father of three teenagers. Faye Bridges, a retired school teacher and librarian, mother of four children and 12 grandchildren, teaches on the fourth Sunday. In the months with a fifth Sunday
, the class enjoys Rev. Bill Barber, Pastor of First Baptist and father of two teenage sons.
The Welcome Class is located on the first floor of Building B. Enter the building foyer from South Green Street and take the hallway to the right and enter directly into the class. From the main sanctuary, enter the foyer of Building B and the classroom will be located at the end of the hallway to your left.
We Welcome You to this diverse class for an in depth study of God's Word each Sunday Morning.

Celebrate Life
This couples class is a mixture of unique personalities across ages ranging from mid-twenties to mid-forties. The class is divided into care groups of 6-8 families each who are served by very dedicated care group leaders. These care groups meet together for small-group fellowships and Bible studies.
Socials and fellowships are a key factor to building strong Christian relationships. The class meets together approximately every six weeks for a covered dish luncheon for all family members or "couple-only" parties.
The class focuses on praying for each other's needs and putting on the full "armor of God" daily. Class sessions are interactive with ample time for discussions. Guests speakers are invited occasionally to share on specific subjects of interest to the family. Becoming fully devoted followers of Christ is a central part of what the class is learning and how to teach and train their children in Christian values.
Jenny and Jerry Adams joined FBC in 1973 where they were blessed to raise their 2 children in the FBC family environment and they want to share this opportunity with others.
Jenny is a career kindergarten teacher with a deep love for children. She is an active choir member who has taught Sunday School, GA's and Mission Friends.
Jerry is a career textiles manager. He has taught Sunday School, R. A.'s and is currently serving as an active deacon; he visits, greets, and ushers.
You can find our class by coming into the Green Street entrance of Building C, our new multi-purpose building. After you come through the lobby, our classroom has the first and second doors on the left hand side of main floor.

The Faith Builders
The Faith Builders Sunday School Class is composed of both couples and singles in the 45 to 55-year age bracket. Most of the members are in the "empty nest" season of their lives and they value Bible study as a means of strengthening their relationship with God and, hence, with one another.
Our class uses in depth, interactive Bible studies chosen by the class. These studies search the Scriptures for the truths that help us to live everyday to the fullest. Members of the class enjoy the friendships that the class fosters among its members.
The teacher of the class is Dr. Keith Huckaby, a local physician and deacon who has a wide array of background interests and experiences. These are incorporated into Bible lessons. He and his wife Vicki have been members of the First Baptist Church for about ten years. They have two college-age sons.
Dr. Dan J. Bramlett, a 20-year member of our church, is the associate teacher. Over these years he has had extensive small-group and Bible teaching experiences. Dr. Bramlett is also a local physician and serves as a deacon in the church.
You can find our class by coming into the Green Street entrance of Building C, our new multi-purpose building. After you come through the lobby, our classroom has the third door on the left hand side of main floor.


The Family Enrichment Class consists mainly of people between the ages of 35 and 49. We have couples and singles involved in our class. The class is diversified in that we have some with young children, and others are dealing with teenagers. This is a discussion class and we consider it a place of refuge from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. As we study God's word, we attempt to enhance and enrich our spiritual walk with God.
Our class has a rotation of teachers, each with their own unique teaching styles. Meet these teachers: Becky Crawford is a home-schooling mother of two, and the wife of Curtis Crawford, a local veterinarian. Deeply involved in our church she also enjoys facilitating Crown financial classes. Michele Barber, the wife of Pastor Bill Barber is a teacher at Westwood Christian Academy. She and our pastor have two sons. She also teaches aerobics. Rob Nelson and his wife Rosemary serve as foster parents to a number of children at the Rock Ranch. Rob is a veteran Sunday School teacher in previous church homes. Doug Head, an officer at the Bank of Upson, serves as mayor pro-tem for the City of Thomaston and is deeply involved in community of affairs. He is the father of two precious girls and is a wonderful example to all.
You can find our class by coming into the Green Street entrance of Building C, our new multi-purpose building. After you come through the lobby, we are the first classroom on the right on the main floor.

Celebrate Life
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